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Chalachitram ’21

Chalachitram National Film Festival

Our Heritage & Pride

Cinema can be a powerful catalyst of social change and a rich handloom of heritage. However, in India it remains confined largely as a source of glossy entertainment. The primary purpose of the Chalachitram National Film Festival, therefore, is to build a bridge between the traditional and the modern; to enable cinema to travel beyond the mainstream, and touch the grass roots; and to applaud weavers of myriad cultures.

Organisers & Board

Advisory Board
Shaji N. Karun
Rahul Rawail

Festival director
Utpal Datta

Festival co-ordinator
Amarjyoti Deka

Artistic Director
Christopher Dalton

Chalachitram Committee
Babita Sarma
Bhagabat Pritam
Indrani Laskar
Manas Pratim Sharma
Pabitra Margherita
Pramod Kalita
Prabal Khaund
Jitankur Das
Nilkamal Baishya
Pranjal Majumdar
Riju Datta
Tirthankar Das Kalita
Kishor Shivam

Films & Awards | 2021

Artistic ventures may at rare times, such as the current one, be compelled to go slow, but the urge of artists to create and be seen can never be forever stifled. And it is the duty of patrons of the arts to encourage artists by offering an alternate way for their art to be seen and heard.

In the previous years, the Chalachitram National Film festival took place at Cotton College and the Jyoti Chitraban Film Studio.

The fifth edition, which takes place between August 10 and 15, is totally virtual. Utpal Datta, the festival director, says, “We’ve made the process as simple as possible. Anyone from anywhere in the world would be able to watch films just by clicking on the links displayed on the official website. There is no need to create a username or password or to waste time filling up forms.”

The 2021 edition has films in Hindi, English, Marathi, Malayalam, Tamil, Assamese, and Manipuri.

There are 3 separate juries
Grand Jury
House of Illusions Jury
Film Critics Circle of India Jury

There are 10 films in the competition section: ‘Bhet’, ‘Days of Summer’, ‘Deliverance’, ‘Panthougi Liklam’, ‘Sennai’, ‘The Catfish’, ‘The Tainted Mirror’, ‘Time’, ‘Working Man’, and ‘Xogun’. And 5 films in the non-competition section: ‘Dancing with Nature’, ‘Sarvodaya ke liye Matrishakti’, ‘The Chess Player’, ‘‘The Didge Crafter’, and ‘Vaarasa’.

Dalton, the artistic director, says, “A civilization is best known by its heritage. Therefore, it is important to encourage artists who keep alive the memories of dying traditions, as well as to remember the contributions of past masters.

Since this is the golden jubilee year of the cinema of Manipur, we would be commemorating it with the screening of Aribam Shyam Sharma’s feature ‘Imagi Ningthem’ and Haobam Paban Kumar’s documentary ‘The First Leap’ on the pioneer Manipuri film.

Additionally, Assamese filmmaker Dr. Bhabendra Nath Saikia’s magnum opus ‘Kolaahal’ will be screened on August 13 on the occasion of his death anniversary.”

There would also be a package of jury films.

The Tainted Mirror

Romi Meitei
About the grip that consumerism has on our value system that is gradually turning us into a society of self-seekers.

The film would have a special screening at the Jyoti Chitrabon Film Studio in the March 2022 edition.


Zachary Coffin
Two monks on a mission choose very different paths.

The film would have a special screening at the Jyoti Chitrabon Film Studio in the March 2022 edition.

Panthougi Liklam

Rakesh Moirangthem
Depiction on a martyr’s patriotism by a woman who mourned the loss of her husband during a war.

The film would have a special screening at the Jyoti Chitrabon Film Studio in the March 2022 edition.


Ganesh Shelar
Kusum who recently lost her grandmother is lead to events that give her a realization that is inexpressible.

The film would have a special screening at the Jyoti Chitrabon Film Studio in the March 2022 edition.

Binodini: A Tribute

Aribam Syam Sharma

Imagi Nngthem

Aribam Syam Sharma

The First Leap

Haobam Paban Kumar

50 years of Manipuri Cinema: a Glimpse

Manipur State Film Development Society


Bhabendranath Saikia

Ei Bondoror Abeli

Visualisation by Prerona Bhuyan
Prose narrative. Humble homage to Bhabendranath Saikia.


A Journey on the Tabla

Simone Mariani
The power &  strength of music unite people, promote human solidarity & above all, conciliate through a shared interest.


Anahita’s Law

Oorvazi Irani
Redefines a woman’s identity  at this poignant moment in history & question certain fundamental beliefs.



Oorvazi Irani
Portrait of a grandmother. The film’s time and space is suspended in an artistic realm beyond the real and the unreal.

WATCH THE FILM | Password: dawn123

Rui Ka Bojh

EDITED by Aseem Sinha


Bijaya Jena
Evolution of a woman in a rural village in Eastern India.

Not available for viewing anymore. If you are from the Press and need a special screener, please message. Thank you.


Tribeny Rai